What is Subnovii?

The Subnovii handheld plasma device is the first FDA-approved handheld plasma device, and it uses low-frequency technology and energy to address aging signs. This treatment can be used to address accordion lines: the lines on the outside of the mouth that appear when you smile.

How Does Subnovii Plasma Pen Work?

As part of the treatment, the Subnovii pen delivers plasma energy to the surface of the skin. This stimulation results in the production of new collagen as well as a smoothening and contracting of the existing connective tissue.

Patients who use plasma resurfacing treatments experience little downtime and enjoy recovery within a week. This type of skin resurfacing treatment offers a targeted treatment approach, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected.

Initial results may be noticeable immediately following treatment, but the best results will develop gradually as your body responds to stimulation for new collagen production and rejuvenated tissue over time.

What are the Benefits of an Subnovii Plasma Pen?

The Subnovii pen uses plasma resurfacing to eliminate the appearance of the signs of aging with the use of exclusive low-frequency technology and energy. It is the only handheld plasma device that holds FDA approval to clear up wrinkles and signs of aging.

Using the Subnovii pen for plasma resurfacing can provide an alternative to injectables and other laser-based treatments for concerns that may be resistant to injections.

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