Treating Women with Care & Compassion: Learn Why We’re the #1 Choice for Hymenoplasty in Northeast Ohio, Northwest Ohio and Eastern Michigan

Who you are is more than just what people see – it is how you feel emotionally and physically. If you’re considering hymenoplasty, your reasons are yours alone. We treat you with care, empathy and a personalized approach that provides the results you want.

What is Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is a specialized cosmetic gynecological procedure that repairs the thin layer of tissue or membrane that covers the vagina – the hymen. While many people associate torn or broken hymens with sexual intercourse, the hymen can rupture due to a variety of reasons, including horseback riding, tampon insertion or vigorous exercise.

Hymen restoration surgery – or hymenoplasty – is a low risk, simple surgical procedure that reattaches pieces of the original hymen or rebuilds tissue to recreate the hymen. While it cannot restore virginity, many women choose the procedure for social, cultural, emotional or religious reasons. Whether a woman is hoping to restore the torn hymen for her wedding night or looking to overcome a sexual trauma, hymenoplasty at Renew You allows women to be who they want to be without judgment.

Why Choose Renew You for Hymenoplasty?

Our Skilled, Knowledgeable & Compassionate Care is Led by Board Certified Gynecologist Dr. Regina Hill, MD.

Dr. Regina Hill has been described by her patients as a “rock star” – someone who is polite, professional and knowledgeable about all areas of women’s health. Her knowledge comes from 30 years in the field of gynecology leading to the creation and development of Renew You, where she’s dedicated her time to improving health and wellness for women, body and soul.

Dr. Hill is certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She also maintains affiliations with several local hospitals, including Fairview Hospital, Fairview Surgery Center and St. John Westshore Hospital. These relationships assure Dr. Hill can help her patients no matter what level of care they need.

Dr. Hill began Renew You to care for women in ways that are often ignored in traditional OB/GYN settings. She knows that women’s health requires a whole-body approach – and women’s needs change as we age, evolve and grow. This point-of-view allows her to hear her patients’ stories and needs with compassion and treat them as the unique individuals they are.

Are You an Ideal Candidate for Hymenoplasty?

Choosing to have hymen surgery can be an emotional issue for many women. While hymen repair is often not needed for any health-related reasons, women choose it for their own personal reasons – social, emotional, religious or cultural reasons. Some women use the procedure to help heal emotionally after sexual trauma or to prepare for intercourse on their wedding night. If you feel strongly about hymen reconstruction or restoration, you’re a non-smoker and in good health, you are a potential candidate for hymenoplasty.

What Can Expect When You Choose Hymenoplasty at Renew You?

Our clinic is designed around cosmetic and feminine health concerns, with treatment areas that are private, secure, warm and comforting. Each hymenoplasty procedure at Renew You utilizes advanced, minimally invasive techniques. This allows us to expertly complete your procedure in an outpatient setting typically within a couple of hours.

Another important thing to note is that there will be no signs of surgery, the reconstructed hymens are indistinguishable from natural hymens.

Prior to your procedure, you will meet one-on-one with Dr. Hill and your care team. We will discuss all your options, including possible additional vaginoplasty or other vaginal procedures. We will also discuss the timing of your procedure. If you’re having hymenoplasty done prior to your wedding, we recommend scheduling the procedure at least eight weeks before the big day.

Once you arrive for your procedure, you will be greeted by your dedicated surgical team.  Dr. Hill will review your procedure with you in detail and answer any last minute questions that you might have.  Thereafter, medications will be administered and an IV started.  

Your procedure will be performed with local anesthetics and sedation.  You will be kept comfortable throughout your procedure

Recovery and Aftercare:

Once your procedure is complete, you’ll want to rest for at least 24 hours. You can expect to return to office work the next day, but you’ll want to avoid heavy lifting or intense exercise for several weeks to complete healing.

Most of our patients experience minimal pain after their procedure, and any pain typically subsides within a few days. We will prescribe a pain medication just in case, but many women are comfortable with Tylenol. Antibiotics are typically given at the time of your procedure.

Remember – your repaired hymen will tear again with intercourse, vaginal penetration, tampon use or heavy exercise. Avoid these activities to prevent the new hymen from breaking. Once your new hymen does tear, you may experience some bleeding – although not all patients experience this.

Cost & Financing:

The cost of hymenoplasty can vary from patient to patient. During your consultation, we’ll review our approach as well as the potential costs. Once we complete a physical exam, we can provide you with a more accurate estimate based on your customized procedure.

While hymenoplasty is not covered under most medical insurance plans, we want to work with you to assure you can comfortably afford this procedure which is important to many women. We offer payment plans through CareCredit to help you finance and plan for hymenoplasty.

Success Stories

Due to the sensitive nature of hymenoplasty, we do not share our patient’s pictures online. During your consultation, we will confidentially review images with you.

Hymen Repair Surgery in Northern Ohio & Michigan

Dr. Hill and the Renew You team are committed to serving the needs of women in Northeast Ohio, Northwest Ohio and Eastern Michigan. Our convenient location in Westlake, Ohio provides women easy access from across Ohio and Eastern Michigan.


Is hymen reconstruction surgery a common procedure at Renew You?


How does hymenoplasty differ from other vaginal rejuvenation procedures?

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures tighten the entire vaginal lining, which can provide a more youthful and intense sexual experience for women as they age. Hymenoplasty repairs and restores the hymenal tissue temporarily until it tears due to intercourse or other vaginal penetration.

Am I a suitable candidate for hymenoplasty?

Our consultation includes a physical evaluation, where we’ll tell you what to expect and what’s possible with your hymen restoration surgery given your physical health. In most cases, if you’re a non-smoker and in good health, you are a potential candidate for hymenoplasty.

Are there any risks or complications associated with hymenoplasty?

At Renew You, our team has performed many hymen repair surgeries, and this experience helps us minimize complications. However, as with any procedure, the process does come with risks, including the potential for infection, post-procedure bleeding and pain with intercourse. Our medical team will discuss all these risks with you and provide you with clear guidance on avoiding any potential complications.

How long does hymen surgery at Renew You typically take?

Your hymen repair procedure will take only about an hour or two. However, we recommend you take the day off from work and take it easy for one or two weeks after surgery. In most cases, you can return to a light workout routine in about a week. You should avoid strenuous activity and exercise, including heavy lifting, for at least six weeks.

Can hymenoplasty be performed under local anesthesia?

Every hymen repair surgery is performed at our facility in Westlake, Ohio. During your initial consultation, we will review the options for anesthesia, including local and sedation.

How discreet is the consultation process at Renew You?

Renew You is dedicated to total women’s health. Our facility offers hymenoplasty as one of many women’s health and wellness options. Your consultation will be 100% private and discrete.

Are there any long-term effects or considerations after undergoing hymenoplasty?

While hymenoplasty repairs the torn hymen, it does not restore virginity. The repair will cover the vaginal opening until it is broken again – which can happen with penetrative sex, tampon insertion or vigorous exercise.

How can I schedule a consultation with Renew You?

Complete the online consultation form or give us a call.

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